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of factory race cars continued through the 60’s and Bob focused on stocking and selling Dodge’s muscle cars during one of the greatest automotive eras ever (1962-71). The racing and Bob’s focus on stocking his inventory with all of Dodge’s performance models, earned him the reputation as being the man to see if you wanted a performance Dodge vehicle. Max Wedges, Six Pack Super Bees, Hemi Chargers, Challenger T/As, Daytona Chargers, Dart 340s, Demons, you name it- Bob stocked and sold them all.​
After growing up as a child of the late Sixties and a complete Mopar fanatic from birth, Bob Jr came home from Northwood University in 1990 with a degree in Automotive Marketing/Business/Marketing Management and ready to run the dealership for the next several decades. The focus on performance continued with the presence of 66-71 Mopars around the dealership and Bob stocking and selling of every performance model that Dodge offered. Twin Turbo Stealths, Vipers and Viper Coupes and Viper Trucks were everywhere. The reputation for performance continued. Through their loyalty to the brand, both Bob Sr and Bob Jr forged enduring relationships with many people at Chrysler. For years Bob Jr would tell anyone at Chrysler that would listen that dodge needed to return to rear wheel drive V8 performance and most specifically make models such as a modern-day Challenger with a retro design. The stage for that possibility was set when Chrysler introduced the RWD HEMI Magnum and 300 in 2005. In 2008, they finally did it. Challenger. Using the beloved Bee from the ’68-’71 Dodge Scat Pack marketing campaign, Bob branded the Frederick legacy of performance Dodges and his loyal customers with “Frederick Scat Pack”. 
Performance and specialty models continued to come from Dodge throughout the '70's and '80's.

Warlock, Aspen R/T Super Pak, Little Red Express. It was at this time when Bob and his young Mopar fanatic son began finding and collecting the Mopars of the 66-71 era. Bob even became one of the 100 select Dodge Dealers to be chosen to be a Shelby Dealer. GLH, GLHS, CSX and Shelby Lancer, just to name a few of the 80’s performance cars handled by Bob.
represent Dodge proudly. In ’63 he ordered a Bright Red factory Super Stock Dodge 330 Lightweight (Aluminum Front End, Etc) with the new 426 Max Wedge Stage III Maximum Performance Engine Package. It was of course named "Big Bad Dodge” and went on to win races and proudly represent both the dealership and Dodge. By this time, Bob had developed a tight relationship with Dodge with his strong sales and with Dick Maxwell and the factory racing program people through his racing. In ’64 Bob ordered another “Big Bad Dodge” Lightweight with the 426 Race Hemi and went on to set records in that car. This yearly upgrade

Roots with Dodge

The roots with Dodge run deep and the stage was set early for decades of Dodge performance from Frederick:


Bob Frederick’s relationship with Dodge began over 50 years ago, before he was even born. in 1960, Lieutenant Bob Frederick (Sr), a Jet Pilot in the U.S. Air Force, opened a Dodge Dealership in Canfield, Ohio at the age of 26. Early in his career, Dodge began to get more involved in the performance segment and was beginning to gain dominance at the drag strip and on the street. In 1962 Dodge developed the 413 Max Wedge Maximum Performance Engine Package. Not only did Bob order Max Wedge cars to sell at the dealership, but he ordered a Bright Red Maximum Performance 413 Max Wedge ’62 Dart to go drag racing himself. He named it the “Big Bad Dodge” from Frederick Motors and along with his crew Jerry Gbur, Bill Zeisler and Kenny Tobin, he went racing and managed to win several races and 
Since the infancy of the modern Challenger program, Dodge Executives have taken Bob’s input and have used his advice on colors, design cues and performance content with Challenger. In 2011, they even made 10 “Kowalski Edition” Challengers specifically for Bob. These 10 special White SRT8 Challengers even had consecutive VINs. What a tribute to the legendary “Kowalski” from the 1971 movie “Vanishing Point”.

2014 marks 100 years for Dodge.

Frederick has been with them for more than half of those years. The Dodge Boys have outdone themselves with the 2015 Challenger. The Scat Pack 392, the Shaker and of course the Hellcat are right in the middle of the second coming of the greatest automotive era ever- the Muscle Car era. Be part of the Frederick/Dodge history and contact Bob for your Challenger.

​The history of Frederick and Dodge is long, but far from over. The way I see it, we’ve only just begun.

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