Taking 2021 Charger RedEye orders at MSRP now!!!!

Taking Ram Hellcat TRX orders at MSRP now!!!!

Taking 2021 Durango Hellcat Pre-orders at MSRP now!!!

​NO Markups

Taking 2021 Charger RedEye orders now at MSRP with no markups ever!!!

Taking 2021 Ram Hellcat-Powered TRX orders now at MSRP with NO markups ever!

​Welcome to Frederick Scat Pack @Columbiana Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram-                             The Home of Bob Frederick "The Challenger Guy"

First and foremost, Bob is a muscle car guy and a Dodge guy and is into these cars more than anyone. He is the number one supplier of the Scat Pack SHAKER and Scat Pack Charger to Scat Pack enthusiasts nationwide!

​Whether you are looking to acquire the tire-shredding, All-new Demon with absolutely no markup over MSRP ever (Demon Sold Out), the 717HP Hellcat or 797HP RedEye Challenger or 717HP Hellcat Charger, the incredible Scat Pack 392/392 SHAKER or any Challenger or Charger in the line-up, Bob is your guy! If you don’t know that already, ask anyone! We're glad you're here- look around our site. If you want the ultimate car guy experience on ANY Chrysler product, call or email Bob now.

For up-to-date inventory, go to columbianacjd.com and then contact Bob directly at (330)550-5432 or at stpcharger@zoominternet.net

Sale!!! Order *any 2021 Hellcat, RedEye, WideBody, Scat Pack, T/A or R/T Challenger or Charger or any Chrysler product from Bob and receive Chrysler Supplier Pricing @ 1% under Factory Invoice and deduct all applicable rebates from there!!!! Call Bob 330-550-5432!

*Excludes 2021 Charger RedEye, Ram TRX and Durango Hellcat, which are sold at MSRP with no markups.



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