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​Welcome to Frederick Scat Pack @Columbiana Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram-                             The Home of Bob Frederick "The Challenger Guy"



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First and foremost, Bob is a muscle car guy and a Dodge guy and is into these cars more than anyone. He is the number one supplier of the Scat Pack SHAKER and Scat Pack Charger to Scat Pack enthusiasts nationwide!

​Whether you are looking to acquire the tire-shredding, 707HP Hellcat Challenger or Charger (with absolutely no markups over MSRP ever), the incredible Scat Pack 392/392 SHAKER or any Challenger or Charger in the line-up, Bob is your guy! If you don’t know that already, look around our site and soon you will see. If you want the ultimate car guy experience, call or email Bob now.

Sale!!! Order any 2017 Scat Pack or R/T Challenger or Charger from Bob and receive Chrysler Supplier Pricing @ 1% under Factory Invoice!!!! Call Bob 330-550-5432!